Moth Removal in West Covina

It is not uncommon to see moths flying around your home or business space. Although these creatures may seem harmless, an infestation can wreak havoc on your property.

Termicon Pest Management offers comprehensive moth extermination and control services in West Covina. We will help identify the species you’re dealing with and develop a customized removal plan to meet your needs.

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Understanding Your Moth Infestation

Moths are flying insects that look similar to butterflies. They are usually white, grey, or brown, and vary in size according to their species. Moths may infest your home or business while looking for food or a place to lay eggs. There are typically two types of moth infestations, pantry moths and clothes moths.

Pantry Moths

Pantry moths enter your property in search of food. They may infest dry goods such as grains, nuts, flour, spices, and chocolate. Having moths in your food will contaminate your sources and force you to throw away fresh foods, so don’t let an infestation persist.

Clothes Moths

Clothes moths will infest your clothing or upholstery in hopes of laying eggs. Moths will leave behind holes and stains from feces and have the potential to ruin your belongings that may be expensive to repair and replace.

Moth Protection Inspection

When you contact our experts, we’ll book an inspection at a convenient time. We’ll arrive at your home or business to investigate the suspected moth problem and identify the species that has invaded your space.

Every species and infestation will require a unique removal plan. When you meet with us, we will discuss the best options for moth extermination for your property. Then, we’ll provide you an estimate for the service before we get started.

Reliable Moth Fumigation

The most effective method for moth removal is fumigation. Fumigation involves releasing non-toxic fumes into your space that will work to penetrate carpets, textiles, clothing, beddings, and furniture to bring the infestation under control.

We may ask you and your loved ones or staff members to clear the premises while the fumigation occurs.

Moth Protection into the Future

In addition to providing you with comprehensive moth treatment, we always want to equip our clients with the tools they need to protect against moth infestation.

There are a few practices we recommend, including:

  • Frequently vacuuming your carpets, rugs, and textiles
  • Brushing wool clothes that have been worn outside
  • Washing your clothes before you store them for an extended period
  • Keeping storage areas dry
  • Ensuring dry goods are kept in sealed containers

To learn more about keeping your property moth-free, contact our representatives by phone or email.

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When dealing with moths in your home or business, don’t wait for these critters to destroy your textiles and infect your food supply. Contact Termicon Pest Management for reliable moth removal services that are effective and affordable.

Additionally, we are always happy to follow up with our clients with problems that persist.

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